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Study Italian in Perugia

Study Italian in Italy!
The Foreign Student University in Italy is the Italian Language School  for International Students!

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The Università Italiana per Stranieri di Perugia is one of the first international universities in Europe.  Founded in 1921 with the main campus located in the 18th Palazzo Gallenga on a hilltop in Perugia, 6000 students from around the world study Italian language, history, art and culture at this prestigious institute every year.   To accommodate the vast student population and various faculties, the University also occupies four smaller buildings set in the countryside yet within walking distance of the main campus.

Italian Language and Culture Courses

All Italian language course content includes grammar, speaking, writing and pronunciation and follow the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).  Courses are divided into:

  • Beginner Levels A1 & A2
  • Intermediate Levels B1 & B2
  • Advanced Levels C1, C1+ & C2

Italian language courses are offered on a 3 to 6 month schedule and provide a minimum of 20 hours / week of classroom instruction.  Supplementary courses may be added and include Italian Theatre, Italian Vocal Music, Umbria Discovery and Advanced Courses in Humanities including Art History, Etruscan and Italic Studies and Contemporary Italian Language.

2012 Starting Dates – July 2, September 3

Summer Intensive Italian Language Courses

Summer intensive 1-month courses include all levels and provide 27 – 30 hours / week of classroom time depending on the level.  These courses offer wider content and more hours of instruction than the other courses. There must be at least 10 students registered for each level for the courses to be held.

2012 Starting Dates – July 2, August 1, September 3

Campus, Facilities & Services

Welcome Point &  Foreign Student Office
The Welcome Point helps students upon arrival providing services and information about the university, activities and services.  The Welcome Point informs students about the city of Perugia, the region of Umbria, sightseeing, films, converts, entertainment and events happening in the area.  It is a reference point for students needing help related to residence permits (permisso di soggiorno) and is the place where students can receive personal mail.

The Foreign Student Office assists will all thins related to pre-enrolment and enrolment, issuing student ID cards, course schedules and the issuance of certificates and diplomas.

Computer Labs and Wi-Fi
The University has five linguistic labs used during the courses. There are two more computer laboratories with 57 workstations with advanced application software and access to internet.

Central Library
The University Central Library is located at a nearby campus within walking distance of the main campus.  The library specializes in Italian literature, history and art; with more than 80,000 volumes and 150 Italian and foreign periodicals, it is an essential part of every student’s life.

Students may take advantage of the University cafeteria for inexpensive meals and snacks.  Students must have a valid student ID to obtain a pass for the cafeteria.

A small bank and ATM  are available at the main campus where students can activate a prepaid credit card or open a bank account.  Students must be registered for for a period of more than 6 months to be able to open an account.

Health Clinic
From Monday to Friday the health clinic provides free access to basic medical assistance to students.

Police Station
Residence permits are issued at the police station at the main campus.  The police station is available to provide emergency assistance if required.

Student Accommodation in Perugia

The University for Foreigners of Perugia gives students the possibility to choose from a wide range of accommodations via a new on-line service called “Cercalloggio Umbria”. The website offers apartments, single and double rooms, residences, studio apartments and houses to rent. The quality of the accommodation is strictly monitored by the Regional Body for the Right to University Education (ADiSU). The reservation service is free of charge.

City & Recreation

The city of Perugia is the capital of the lush region of Umbria; perched on a hilltop and sprawling down into the valley below, it is renowned as an artistic and academic sphere, providing insight into Italy’s cultural riches and heritage.  The University is surrounded by quintessential small streets, old-world cafes and incredible Umbrian views from the balconies of the main campus.  With Rome and Florence just 2 hours away by train, this city of less than 200,000 people, provides a safe haven for international students to absorb Italy without the bustle and distraction of tourists.

Some of Umbria’s interesting and incredible sites taken in by international students include the hilltop village of Assisi, the home of the Basilica of St Francis, the infamous and delicious Perugina Chocolate School, Museum and Factory, the Cucinelli Cashmere estate, Activo Park and Rafting Umbria, the medieval town of Narni and of course, the local food and wine available in the region’s countless restaurants.  The University’s Cultural and Recreational Activities Centre organises weekly concerts, exhibitions, trips and events so students can experience Umbria first-hand.


Six-months courses
Payment in two 3-monthly installments of € 1.350: € 2.700
Summer Intensive courses (1 month)
Each course: € 600,00
Three-months courses
(Levels A1 – B2) Payment in one installment: € 1.200,00
(Levels C1 – C2) Payment in one installment: € 1.350,00
Monthly supplementary courses
A1-A2-B1-B2: € 400,00
C1-C2: € 450,00

If you are considering studying Italian language and culture at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and would like more information, please contact Latitude International Education.

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