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How Living with a Host Family Can Help Your Language Skills you move abroad to study or to work it is a great idea to stay with a host family while you are there. There are a number of benefits to doing this and the chance to hone your language skills is definitely one of the main ones.

Relax and Talk

One of the big worries for any new language student is that of being able to relax and speak to the locals whenever the opportunity arises to do so. If you plan to do this when you bump into people at the market or in a restaurant you might not have the time to settle your nerves and show how much you know. Things are a lot easier if you are staying in a family home and can chat to everyone around the dinner table or when you are all watching television together. This will also give you a chance to build up a relationship with some of the different family members and start to feel confident about speaking to them about anything which pops into your head, rather than restrict yourself to stilted conversations which you have planned in advance.

Learn Everyday Words Well

There is nothing like repetition to help you learn certain words well. If you are staying in a family home and eating with them then you will quickly begin to pick up the words which are useful in everyday situations. These include expressions you would use around the dinner table, general chat about how your day was and other domestic matters. This means that even when you are taking it easy with your host family you will be learning all the time in a natural way.

Make Long Term Friends

The most lasting benefit you could get from staying with a foreign family is that it could help give you long term friendships. By spending a lot of time with them you will find out how they live and what their interests are far more easily than you could do in most other circumstances. Of course, it makes sense to know the basics before you head away or as soon as you arrive. For example, if you are new to Vancouver you might be wondering, “Where can I take English classes in Vancouver?” It is essential that you learn the simple words and phrases which will let you communicate with your host family from the moment you arrive in their house.

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